Embark on a maritime adventure like never before with the 2018 WALLY 45, a spectacular 45′ 10″ motor yacht waiting to conquer the waves in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Priced at $545,000 USD, this high-performance day boat is not just a vessel; it’s a testament to engineering excellence and nautical innovation. A Symphony of Innovation: […]

In the heart of Dubai, where opulence meets innovation, a true maritime masterpiece awaits its next adventure—the 2009 Benetti 85 Legend. Priced at an estimated $3,910,918 USD (€3,600,000 EUR), this iconic vessel is not just a yacht; it’s a legend in its own right. A Symphony of Luxury: The 2009 Benetti 85 Legend Step aboard […]

Embark on an unparalleled aquatic journey with the 2019 Midnight Express 37 Open – a masterpiece that seamlessly blends engineering finesse with the thrill of the high seas. Currently available for sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this 37′ powerboat is more than just a vessel; it’s an experience that promises to redefine your perception […]

Set sail into a world of opulence with the breathtaking 2013 Van Dutch 40, a 39.8-foot masterpiece that combines unrivaled luxury with cutting-edge technology. Currently available in Kuwait City, this meticulously maintained motor yacht is poised to elevate your yachting experience to new heights. Upgrades Galore Immerse yourself in a yacht adorned with the latest […]

In the heart of Kuwait City, a remarkable gem graces the waters of the Capital Governorate – the 2012 CIGARETTE 42X. Priced at $595,000 USD, this custom-crafted motor yacht is not just a vessel; it’s an epitome of style, speed, and luxury. Let’s dive into the details of this high-performance marvel that promises an unparalleled […]

In the heart of Dubai, a maritime masterpiece awaits its new captain – the 2011 CABO 40 Express. Priced at $612,700 USD, this 42′ 2″ gem is not just a yacht; it’s an experience that combines cutting-edge technology, unmatched fishability, and sheer luxury against the stunning backdrop of the United Arab Emirates. Discover the Allure […]

Step aboard the epitome of opulence and sophistication with the unveiling of the 2022 Princess V50 Yacht in the dazzling city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This 46′ 2″ marvel, priced at $1,295,000 USD, is a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and exquisite design, promising an unparalleled yachting experience. Sleek Design, Captivating Presence […]

Introducing AQUAMARINA ISA 470 – a 2007 ISA YACHTS 155′ 11″ SuperYacht, currently gracing the waters of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Priced at an estimated $11,950,027 USD (€11,000,000 EUR), this premier cruiser has recently undergone an extraordinary €6 million renovation at MB92 in Marseille, solidifying its status as an immaculate vessel comparable to a newly […]

Greetings, yacht enthusiasts and sea aficionados! We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the opulent world of luxury yachting – the “Wilde Whale,” a 1993 Hatteras 117′ 8″ Tri-Deck Motor Yacht that promises an unparalleled experience on the pristine waters of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Majestic Design and Unmatched Luxury The Wilde Whale […]

In the heart of Oman Smart Future City, a breathtaking marvel graces the shores – the HATTERAS 105, a 2011 masterpiece that redefines luxury on the open seas. Priced at $4,950,000 USD, this 105′ Hatteras 105 Motor Yacht promises a seafaring experience like no other. Timeless Elegance, Unmatched Craftsmanship Crafted by the esteemed Hatteras in […]

In the opulent world of yachting, the newly listed 2018 Sunseeker 116 Yacht has taken center stage in Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, offering a breathtaking fusion of sophistication and cutting-edge maritime technology. Priced at an estimated $9,777,295 USD (€9,000,000 EUR), this vessel promises an unparalleled cruising experience for those with a taste for the extraordinary. […]

If the epitome of luxury on water had a name, it would undoubtedly be “FOUR JACKS.” This magnificent 150′ Palmer Johnson Sport Yacht, currently for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a testament to exquisite design, impeccable maintenance, and the joy of seafaring in unparalleled style. A Glimpse into Elegance: Design and Features Built and […]

In the world of opulent yachting, a new star has graced the waters – the 2018 Sanlorenzo SD126 “Alegria Y.” This 124′ 7″ motor yacht, currently available for sale in Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China, stands as a testament to luxury, style, and impeccable craftsmanship. With a price tag of $13,013,111 USD (€11,980,000 EUR), […]

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – In the heart of the yachting capital of the world, a gem has emerged in the form of the 2017 AZIMUT YACHTS Atlantis 43 “ICE II”. This meticulously maintained cruising yacht is now available for those seeking a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and functionality. Impeccable Condition and Attention to Detail […]

WAS USD 12,000,000, NOW 10,499,000 USD Exciting developments coincide perfectly with the Dubai International Boat Show! Presenting the luxurious 2022 Princess X95—a fully equipped marvel boasting 40% additional interior space and 10% more exterior room compared to yachts of its caliber, was USD 12,000,000, and now priced at just USD 10,499,000. Act swiftly as this […]

Tecnomar, a distinguished brand under The Italian Sea Group, a global leader in the luxury yachting industry specializing in the construction and refit of motor yachts and sailing yachts up to 140 meters, proudly announces that its flagship creation, Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, an iconic motor-yacht born from the convergence of excellence in the yachting […]

The Lamborghini 63 Yacht, a symbol of opulence and cutting-edge design, boasts a powerhouse under its hood – the MAN V12-2000 engine. This twelve-cylinder V-engine stands as the epitome of engineering excellence, delivering an awe-inspiring 2,000 horsepower from a 24-liter displacement. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the remarkable characteristics and technical features that […]

Marcus Yachting proudly presents the PARA BELLUM, a 47.2-meter (154′ 2″) opulent expedition superyacht crafted by the renowned Italian shipyard, Sanlorenzo, and delivered in 2023. This exquisite vessel belongs to the esteemed 500XP series, sharing its lineage with notable sisterships such as the Ocean Dreamwalker III and the Lars. Available for charter, the PARA BELLUM […]

Marcus Yachting, a name synonymous with excellence in the world of luxury yachts, is delighted to introduce the pinnacle of opulence and sustainability – the 2023 WIDER 145′ “ECO YACHT 145“. This spectacular catamaran redefines the very essence of yachting by seamlessly blending luxury and eco-consciousness. A Masterpiece of Innovation and Green Luxury Embark on […]

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Marcus Yachting is excited to introduce the remarkable ECO 115, a WIDER 115′ Catamaran, now available for discerning yacht enthusiasts. Priced starting at an estimated $18,539,118 USD (€17,500,000 EUR), this masterpiece of nautical engineering and opulent design promises an unparalleled seafaring experience. Unveiling the ECO YACHT 115 Attention all […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Immerse yourself in a world where luxury and sustainability harmoniously coexist aboard the awe-inspiring Eco Yacht 112 Power – 2025. This 27.5-meter Catamaran, a creation of peerless design and innovation, is now available for sale in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Gulf States. A Sustainable […]

Luxury Redefined: Your Eco-Friendly Seafaring Adventure Awaits Marcus Yachting is thrilled to present the breathtaking ECO YACHT 90 – 2025 – a 90′ WIDER shipyard build Catamaran. Priced at an estimated starting price of $10,275,968 USD (€9,700,000 EUR), this remarkable vessel promises an eco-friendly, opulent, and customizable yachting experience like no other. Key Features – […]

Marcus Yachting is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the 2023 Cannes Boat Show and is excited to introduce two new versions of the Evo R+: the 2-cabin and 3-cabin configurations. These innovative 18-meter yachts are set to redefine luxury cruising with their sleek profiles, conviviality, and versatility. The Evo R+: A Revolution in […]

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai, UAE: Marcus Yachting proudly presents the Explorer yachts for sale, stunning 2025 INACE 80′ “EXPLORA 80” Motor Yacht, a masterpiece of nautical engineering and design set to redefine luxury yachting. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, this magnificent vessel offers the discerning yacht enthusiast an opportunity to experience opulence […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Marcus Yachting is thrilled to introduce the INACE EXPLORA 131, a magnificent INACE Superyachts for sale now available for sale and ready for delivery in 2025. This extraordinary vessel is your ticket to the world of luxury exploration, offering unparalleled space, comfort, and adventure capabilities. The Ultimate Adventure Awaits The EXPLORA […]

Exclusive Brokerage Opportunity by Marcus Yachting Marcus Yachting, a renowned name in the luxury yacht industry, is thrilled to announce an exclusive brokerage opportunity for the magnificent Ada 50z, meticulously crafted by ADA YACHT WORKS. This exceptional yacht combines unrivaled craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious features to provide an unforgettable cruising experience. With its sleek […]

Brand ExtensionA clever passerelle and an intriguing expanding deck might get all the attention, but there’s more to this Italian weekender than outdoor origami. On the chart it’s the Golfo di La Spezia, but in the marketing materials of the local tourist authorities it’s increasingly being referred to as the “Bay of Poets.” Yes, Dante […]