Discovering the Lazzara UHV 87: The Pinnacle of Luxury

On the ocean, everything is a compromise. Sexy sports boats won’t have as much space on the interior, and brawny, high-volume boats won’t be the slickest-looking yachts in any marina. But not coming first place in a beauty pageant didn’t deter Lazzara Yachts when they conceived their UHV – ultra high volume – concept. The first unit, the UHV 87, is “handsome [but] it is a pretty tall boat,” admits David Galante, Lazzara’s executive vice president. But there’s that compromise: “You cannot get this much interior volume in a boat and not make it tall and wide,” says Galante.

Stepping on board the Lazzara UHV 87, christened Sandro, in Cannes, feels like stepping into the wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia; every corner holds a hidden space or surprising feature that would look more at home on a yacht in a much larger weight class. The 26.5-meter yacht boasts an internal volume of 170 GT — comparable to much larger yachts. However, it’s not just the volume that makes this yacht impressive.

Sandro’s exterior is a testament to the blend of function and aesthetics. Each corner holds a hidden space or surprising feature, reminiscent of a yacht in a much larger weight class. The meticulous design includes lower deck beach tender storage and an expansive upper deck flybridge, creating an impressive silhouette on the water.

As unusual as it sounds, [the owner of Lazzara] wants to build a boat that is perfect,” explains Galante. “We all know that that is a unicorn, it doesn’t exist,” he adds. But that didn’t stop the yard from throwing everything they had at Sandro. “We’re buying the most expensive [equipment] in the world and then adding two of them in case it fails,” says Galante. “The quality that we have is extraordinary. It’s beyond the normal standards of yachts that I’ve worked with in the past.

To this end, the boat was built with the quality and ethos of a 50-meter yacht. Expenses weren’t spared and big-boat construction techniques – like avoiding thru-holes – were implemented. Internal metal structure spaces around six inches of air so the floor is floating, allowing the insulation and wiring systems to run seamlessly below it. In other words, Lazzara “used up space floating the floors” and still ended up with “enormous headroom,” according to Galante.

The obsession with quality probably comes from the fact that Lazzara is building on a legacy. The former Lazzara Yachts was an American family-owned business that shuttered operations around 2014. Lazzara restarted five years ago under the Euromarine umbrella, with offices in the States and production taking place in the Antalya Free Zone, in Turkey. Almost everything bar the marble, glass, and engine room components are completed in-house.

Sandro is the first yacht to sail out of the yard in 2021. But, the market seems to be responding well to the UHV. “The look is different. It’s a displacement boat. But it goes for a very long distance/range, it’s an efficient hull, so you have fuel for a thousand nautical miles,” says Galante. “We’re not selling just a pretty boat that can go out to the cove and come back in the afternoon, we’re selling a boat that you get on at the beginning of the season, you receive guests for a week, you stay on, you go to new places.”

The Lazzara UHV 87 is more than just a yacht; it’s a floating masterpiece of luxury, innovation, and uncompromised quality, offering an unparalleled yachting experience for those who demand the very best.