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Picchiotti is proud to announce the launch of its revamped website, marking a significant milestone in the company’s rich history. This development follows the change in ownership, with The Italian Sea Group taking the helm in 2022. Founded way back in 1575, along the scenic banks of the Arno River in Pisa, Picchiotti later set sail to the charming Viareggio seaside town in the late 19th century. Subsequently, under Perini’s ownership, Picchiotti moved its operations to La Spezia in 2010, inheriting the legacy of the Viareggio shipyard that dated back to the early ’90s.


Now, under the stewardship of The Italian Sea Group, Picchiotti is poised to return to Marina di Carrara, where in 1982, it constructed its largest marvel to date, a majestic 103-meter vessel. The Picchiotti family played a pivotal role in the transformation of Viareggio into the renowned “Yacht City of the World” since the 1980s. With a history spanning four centuries, Picchiotti has left an indelible mark on the maritime world, having crafted everything from classic wooden sailboats to formidable iron Italian Navy vessels and high-performance racing crafts.

Picchiotti's Yacht-Building Pioneers: From Espria to the Superyacht Al Mubrikah

Notably, Picchiotti holds a unique record for being one of the pioneers in yacht building. In 1905, they crafted the groundbreaking 15-meter vessel, Espria, which marked the birth of their yacht-building legacy. This was followed by the legendary 36.5-meter Kon-Tiki in 1947, and the iconic 103.85-meter Al Said, now known as Al Mubrikah, which, for a considerable time, stood as the largest superyacht ever constructed in Italy, a testament to Picchiotti’s unparalleled expertise.

Picchiotti was also at the forefront of the semi-serial production of wooden motor cruisers and yachts from 1955 to 1980. The journey commenced with the 13.30 to 17-meter Versilia in 1955, and it quickly gained popularity with the sale of eleven units. In 1961, the 10.25-meter Giglio became their bestseller, with a staggering 52 units sold. The semi-production line continued until 1975, producing other notable models such as the 1962 Giannutri and the 1965 Giraglia, both boasting 28 units sold, making them the second-best sellers. The line further expanded with models like the 1963 Gorgona, 1965 75, the 1966 Mistral 55, and the 1969 Cariddi 55. Not to be forgotten are the innovative designs by Paolo Caliari, including the Tiger, ranging from 11.20 to 12.30 meters and available in three versions: N, S, and F, along with the Lupo di Mare and Progetto 68.


The early ’90s marked a significant shift for Picchiotti when Perini Navi was established. They initially leased the shipyard premises for the construction of their distinctive sailboats, eventually acquiring the entire facility and brand. In 2010, Picchiotti made a grand return, launching three custom superyachts from the Philippe Briand Vitruvius Explorer series. These included the 50-meter vessel in 2010, a 55.7-meter masterpiece in 2012, and the awe-inspiring 73-meter yacht in 2014, marking another remarkable chapter in Picchiotti’s legacy.

Your Dream Yacht Awaits

To celebrate these milestones, Picchiotti invites you to explore their new website, available in both Italian and English. This user-friendly platform offers a wealth of information through various sections, including Brand, Heritage, Fleet, News, Archive, Sales, Contact, and The Italian Sea Group Charter Opportunities. Discover more about Picchiotti and the exciting yachting experiences they offer by visiting their website at Additionally, you can now charter yachts from this esteemed company through Marcus Yachting, providing you with an opportunity to experience the luxury and craftsmanship that has defined Picchiotti for centuries.

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