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Picchiotti yachts

The Revival of Picchiotti in 2010

The year 2010 witnessed a remarkable transformation within the Picchiotti brand, propelling it headlong into the modern era through the construction of three remarkable yachts from the heralded Vitruvius Explorer series. These visionary yachts heralded a transformative chapter in Picchiotti's storied history, seamlessly melding age-old maritime traditions with cutting-edge innovations. This pivotal moment marked not only a resurgence but a renaissance, underscoring Picchiotti's commitment to redefining the boundaries of yacht design and setting new industry standards for years to come.
Picchiotti yachts

Made in Italy: The Essence of Craftsmanship

Picchiotti embodies the 'Made in Italy' tradition – a fusion of craftsmanship, precision, and heritage with innovation. From pioneering the production of gentleman motor cruisers to their modern masterpieces, Picchiotti epitomizes the Italian commitment to merging aesthetics and performance. Their yachts stand as a testament to the enduring allure of 'Made in Italy,' combining tradition with contemporary yachting excellence.
Picchiotti yachts

The Italian Sea Group Services

The Italian Sea Group, now home to Picchiotti, features one of the Mediterranean's largest private drydocks, tailored to host yachts and vessels exceeding 100 meters in length. With a wealth of expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, they're renowned for setting the gold standard in the design and construction of these colossal yachts. This robust facility stands as a testament to their unrelenting dedication to excellence, making them an industry leader in the world of superyachts.
Picchiotti yachts

An Illustrious Fleet: Picchiotti's Legacy

The Italian Register of Shipping has documented the delivery of 599 Picchiotti boats from 1848 to 1978. Notably, Picchiotti crafted Italy's very first leisure yacht in 1902, followed by the launch of the gentleman yacht Espero in 1905. The post-World War II era witnessed the creation of iconic gentleman yachts like MY Kon Tiki in 1947 and MY Anita in 1955. One of the most significant feats was the construction of the 103-meter motor yacht Al Said in 1982, which became a flagship in the Picchiotti fleet.

Picchiotti Yachts

The Modern Era: Vitruvius Explorer Series

From 2010 to 2014, Picchiotti's heritage thrived, highlighted by the introduction of three cutting-edge motor yachts within the Vitruvius Explorer Series. This distinguished trio included the 50-meter Falco Moscata (formerly Exuma), the 55-meter Galileo G, and the 73-meter Nautilus (formerly named Grace E). These vessels masterfully embodied the harmonious union of tradition and modern innovation, symbolizing Picchiotti's commitment to excellence in yacht design.
Picchiotti Yachts

Production Facilities

Strategically positioned along the Tyrrhenian coast, The Italian Sea Group's production facilities stretch from Marina di Carrara to La Spezia and Viareggio, encompassing a combined production area of over 144,000 square meters. Their comprehensive range of services includes repair and refit operations, bolstered by the exceptional infrastructures, including two drydocks of 200 and 147 meters. These facilities play a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the yachts' quality and beauty throughout their lifecycle.