INACE Superyachts for Sale

INACE EXPLORA 131: Embark on the Ultimate Luxury Exploration

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Marcus Yachting is thrilled to introduce the INACE EXPLORA 131, a magnificent INACE Superyachts for sale now available for sale and ready for delivery in 2025. This extraordinary vessel is your ticket to the world of luxury exploration, offering unparalleled space, comfort, and adventure capabilities.

INACE Superyachts for Sale

The Ultimate Adventure Awaits

The EXPLORA 131 is not your typical yacht. It’s a long-range expedition vessel designed to take you on epic adventures to the most remote and captivating destinations on the planet. Whether you’re dreaming of exploring hidden coves, diving into crystal-clear waters, or discovering uncharted territories, this vessel is your ideal companion.

INACE Superyachts for Sale

Technical Excellence

Here are some key technical specifications that make the EXPLORA 131 a standout:

– Length: 131 feet
– Maximum Speed: 12 knots
– Range: An impressive 5,000 nautical miles

These specifications ensure that the EXPLORA 131 can comfortably transport you and your guests to the farthest reaches of the globe. No destination is too remote, and no adventure is too ambitious.

INACE Superyachts for Sale

Designed for Luxury and Functionality

The EXPLORA 131 is a true masterpiece of design, conceived by the renowned Fernando de Almeida. Its naval architecture is the work of INACE Engineering, and it boasts RINA classification. This vessel is not only robust but also exquisitely designed for comfort and luxury.

INACE Superyachts for Sale
INACE Superyachts for Sale
INACE Superyachts for Sale

Endless Adventure Possibilities

What sets the EXPLORA 131 apart is its unparalleled capacity for adventure. This yacht is equipped to carry various tenders, water toys, and even a helicopter, making it the perfect choice for explorers seeking the ultimate adventure experience. Imagine exploring hidden lagoons, embarking on thrilling water sports, and capturing breathtaking aerial views—all from the comfort of your private vessel.

INACE Superyachts for Sale

Your Gateway to Unforgettable Journeys

With its steel/aluminum hull, the EXPLORA 131 is not only stylish but also durable, ensuring your safety and comfort during the most challenging expeditions. It’s time to set sail on extraordinary journeys, discover the world’s hidden gems, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Inace Superyachts for sale, For inquiries about the EXPLORA 131 and pricing details, please contact Marcus Yachting. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional vessel and start your journey of a lifetime today.

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Note: Pricing for the EXPLORA 131 is available upon request. Please contact Marcus Yachting for more information.

INACE Superyachts for Sale

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