62' (18.9m)

Maori 64ft - 2024 62' MAORI Maori 64ft
Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
Price on Application

Yacht for sale is a 2024 MAORI 62' "Maori 64ft" Maori 64ft Motor Yacht in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Embark on a luxurious odyssey with the Maori 64ft Yacht, where elegance meets functionality in perfect harmony. Below deck, indulge in the spacious master cabin, a living space that effortlessly converts into a second cabin, a fully-furnished kitchen, two opulent bathrooms, and a designated crew area. Designed with inspiration from sports vessels, Marco Ciampa's minimalistic touch is evident in every sleek line and the distinctive plunging wall structure.

Situated below the primary deck of the 64ft yacht, a generously proportioned master cabin is paired with a convertible living section that can become an additional cabin, outfitted with a kitchen, two washrooms, and dedicated crew quarters. The 64ft's design ethos borrows from the sensibilities of a sports vessel and carefully merges practicality with Marco Ciampa's bare-bones aesthetic to constitute a refined design. The strikingly unique sloping wall construction, combined with crisp streamlined contours, fosters a deep bond with the sea, encapsulating the quintessence of the manufacturer's intentions.

Offering shelter from the sun's rays, the yacht's signature hardtop cover throws a shadow over the deck, supplying a cool retreat after lazing in the sun on the spacious sundeck. Positioned beneath this shadowy space is a garage with ample room to house a 2.80m waterjet tender, thereby broadening the yacht's adaptability and usefulness.

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LENGTH 18.9m
ASKING PRICE Price on Application
BUILT 2024
BEAM 5.9m
MAX SPEED 48 Knots
LOCATION Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Maori 64ft Yacht: A Symphony of Swiftness and Luxury

As the intermediate-sized gem in the Maori Yachts collection, the 64ft effortlessly combines swiftness with commodious interiors, creating an exceptional seafaring experience for those with a discerning taste for both speed and luxury.

**Design and Dimensions:**
With a length of 18.90 meters, a beam of 5.90 meters, and a draft of 1.28 meters, the 64ft stands as a testament to sporty functionality intertwined with cutting-edge architecture. Weighing in at 38.27 tons, this yacht promises a harmonious balance of power and comfort.

**Philosophy of a Sports Vessel:**
Inspired by the philosophy of a sports vessel, the 64ft embraces practicality and style through an elegant design that captures the essence of Marco Ciampa's minimalism. The plunging wall structure, coupled with sleek clean lines, establishes an intimate connection to the water, reflecting the brand's visionary approach.

**On-Deck Retreat and Versatility:**
Find refuge beneath the yacht's identifiable hardtop cover, creating a shady oasis on the deck. After basking in the sun on the spacious sundeck, discover a garage below capable of housing a 2.80m waterjet tender, showcasing the versatility of the 64ft.

**Luxurious Interiors Below Deck:**
Below deck, the 64ft unveils a spacious master cabin, complemented by a living room convertible into a second cabin. Adding to the allure are a fully-equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, and a dedicated crew area, ensuring an opulent experience on the water.

**Unmatched Control and Speed:**
Driving the 64ft is an unparalleled experience. The control it offers over its unmatched speed is nothing short of admiration, leaving an everlasting impression on companions. Whether navigating towards the sun-lit horizon or dropping anchor to embrace the night, feel the elements that surround you in this exceptional yacht.

**Configuration and Engineering Excellence:**
Crafted by M.Y.I. srl and designed by Marco Ciampa, the 64ft boasts a remarkable engineering feat with 2 x MAN 1300 horsepower engines and JDM surface propellers. With a water tank capacity of 650 liters and a fuel tank capacity of 4000 liters, this yacht is engineered for both performance and endurance.

**Your Ultimate Journey Awaits:**
Indulge in the #maorilifestyle as you embark on your ultimate journey with the Maori 64ft Yacht. Whether you crave a taste of the Maori experience or wish to start a conversation, leave your details, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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