53' 10" (16.4m)

Maori 54ft Family Version - 2024 53' 10" MAORI Maori 54ft Family Version
Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
Price on Application

Yacht for sale is a 2024 MAORI 53' 10" "Maori 54ft Family Version" Maori 54ft Family Version Motor Yacht in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Introducing the Maori 54ft Family Version Yacht – where luxury meets family fun on the open sea. This yacht is not just a vessel; it's a floating haven designed with your family's comfort and enjoyment in mind. Picture a cozy cabin with U-shaped side sofas or custom beds that come complete with convenient drawers for your belongings. The galley is a culinary dream, featuring an induction hob and a customized double fridge for all your onboard dining needs.

This area houses a snug cabin that includes U-shaped settees or bespoke beds with embedded storage units, complemented with a kitchenette that comes with an induction cooktop and a unique, dual refrigerator. The yacht prides itself on a sealed anchor deployment system distinguished by a hydraulic collapsible arm among its many standout elements. Nonetheless, the yacht's performance and pleasure factor remains consistent. Tailored to capitalize on sunlight, the yacht showcases an uninterrupted deck that doesn't leave any area idle.

The yacht's hull is sheathed in tempered tiered crystal, creating an unbroken bond with the water. Guests can congregate around the central split table, which can be converted into a sunbed, elevating the total experience aboard this progressive tender.

Delivery of Maori 54 yacht will be in September 2024.

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LENGTH 16.4m
ASKING PRICE Price on Application
BUILT 2024
BEAM 5.15m
DRAFT 1.2m
MAX SPEED 48 Knots
LOCATION Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Maori 54ft Family Version Yacht: Unveiling Unparalleled Luxury and Functionality

**Maori 54ft Family Version Yacht: Unveiling Unparalleled Luxury and Functionality**
Step aboard the Maori 54ft Family Version Yacht, a floating masterpiece that transcends the ordinary and sets a new standard in luxury and functionality. This exceptional vessel, serving as the ambassador of the esteemed Maori brand, promises a unique tender experience that caters to every aspect of your maritime desires.

**Design and Dimensions:**
With a length of 16.40 meters, a beam of 5.15 meters, and a draft of 1.02 meters, the Maori 54ft boasts a sleek and sophisticated profile. The design, expertly crafted by Marco Ciampa, reflects a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. Its family configuration, a hallmark of Maori excellence, ensures a harmonious balance between livability, space, and security.

Powered by 2 x MAN 800 horsepower engines coupled with JDM surface propellers, this yacht achieves a top speed of 48 knots. The engineering prowess behind the Maori 54ft ensures not only speed but also a smooth and exhilarating ride through the open waters.

**Luxurious Living Spaces:**
Enter the yacht, and you are greeted by a homey cabin designed with meticulous attention to detail. U-shaped side sofas or custom beds with convenient drawers offer a retreat of comfort and relaxation. The galley, equipped with an induction hob and a custom double fridge, caters to the culinary desires of the most discerning seafarers.

**Innovative Features:**
The Maori 54ft is equipped with a waterproofed anchor launching system featuring a hydraulic folding arm, emphasizing safety and ease of use. The yacht's uninterrupted deck exposes the entire surface to the sun, leaving no room for unused space. Tempered layered crystal hull glasses surround the vessel, creating a continuous connection with the water and enhancing the overall experience.

**Convertible Central Table:**
Gather your guests around the central divisible table, a versatile space that effortlessly transforms into a sunbed. This innovative feature allows for adaptable configurations, whether you seek social interaction or a moment of tranquil repose.

**Contact and Exploration:**
As you embark on your journey aboard the Maori 54ft Family Version Yacht, you're not just sailing; you're immersing yourself in the Maori lifestyle. If you desire a taste of this exceptional experience or wish to start a conversation, leave your details, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Delivery of Maori 54 yacht will be in September 2024.

Your ultimate journey awaits with Maori Yachts – where luxury meets innovation on the open sea. #maorilifestyle

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