36' 5" (11.08m)

Limo - 2024 36' 5" MAORI Limo
Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
Price on Application

Yacht for sale is a 2024 MAORI 36' 5" "Limo" Limo Motor Yacht in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Experience the epitome of luxury on the open sea with the Limo Yacht. Designed by Marco Ciampa, it offers sleek design, cutting-edge tech, and unforgettable moments. Ready to set sail? Contact us now and let the Limo redefine your sea-going experience!

The yacht known as Limo represents the epitome of nautical opulence, encapsulating the exclusivity of a tailor-made Limo limousine for voyages on the open water. Spanning 11.08 meters in length, 3.01 meters in beam, and sporting a streamlined draught of 0.6 meters, this vessel possesses a top speed of 42 knots, propelled by a state-of-the-art hybrid engine.

M.Y.I. srl, the brand behind its craftsmanship and Marco Ciampa, the designer, worked in unison to intertwine classic lavishness with contemporary aesthetics in the Limo yacht. The inside honours lavishness with 12 leather sofas inundated in a calming, ambient light, alongside a marine-grade audio system, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, all seamlessly manoeuvrable via an iPad. Both the privacy for riders and superior visibility for the captain are held at a high priority, ensuring a serene and pleasurable travel experience.

Tipping the scales at 4.8 tons, the yacht is outfitted with a water capability of 100 litres and a fuel capacity of 400 litres. The winged entrance adds a stroke of gracefulness as voyageurs begin their remarkable sea journey, establishing the Limo as an emblem of elegance, technology, and invention upon the surfs.

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LENGTH 11.08m
ASKING PRICE Price on Application
BUILT 2024
BEAM 3.35m
DRAFT 0.6m
MAX SPEED 42 Knots
LOCATION Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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The Limo Yacht: A Symphony of Maritime Opulence

The Limo yacht transcends the ordinary, embodying the exclusivity of a specially designed limousine crafted for the open sea. Measuring 11.08 meters in length, with a beam of 3.01 meters, and a sleek draught of 0.6 meters, this vessel is a masterpiece that propels itself through the waves with a top speed of 42 knots, driven by a state-of-the-art hybrid engine.

**Craftsmanship and Design:**
Expertly crafted by M.Y.I. srl and envisioned by the renowned designer Marco Ciampa, the Limo seamlessly marries classic luxury with contemporary aesthetics. Its exterior is a testament to sophistication, with sleek lines and a silhouette that commands attention on the open waters.

**Luxurious Interiors:**
Step aboard, and the Limo unveils a haven of indulgence. Twelve leather sofas adorn the interiors, bathed in ambient light that enhances the elegance of the space. A marine-grade audio system serenades passengers, while air-conditioning ensures a comfortable journey. Control of these amenities, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, is at your fingertips through an intuitively designed iPad interface.

**Privacy and Visibility:**
Privacy is paramount for passengers, and optimal visibility is ensured for the captain. The Limo strikes the perfect balance, allowing those on board to revel in seclusion while the captain navigates with precision.

**Technical Specifications:**
Weighing in at 4.8 tons, the Limo is equipped for extended voyages with a 100-liter water tank and a substantial 400-liter fuel tank. The hybrid engine not only propels the yacht with a top speed of 42 knots but also exemplifies cutting-edge technology, making each journey an experience in innovation.

**Elegance in Embarkation:**
As passengers step through the winged doorway, they enter a realm of elegance. The embarkation is not just a boarding; it's a symbolic initiation into a memorable ride at sea.

**Symbol of Sophistication and Innovation:**
The Limo yacht is more than a vessel; it's a symbol of sophistication, technology, and innovation on the waves. Each aspect, meticulously designed and executed, contributes to an unrivaled maritime experience that defines a new standard in luxury yachting. Embark on a journey where opulence meets innovation—the Limo Yacht awaits, promising an unforgettable sojourn on the high seas.

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