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admiral yachts

Made in Italy: Exemplifying Excellence

Admiral Yachts stands as a testament to the heritage of Italian craftsmanship, seamlessly blending tradition with visionary design to create yachts that are both timeless and innovative. Their unwavering commitment to perfection and meticulous attention to detail have not only set them apart as a global leader in yacht construction but have also firmly established their yachts as an embodiment of the esteemed 'Made in Italy' label, synonymous with unrivaled quality and style.
Admiral yachts

Comprehensive Services for Yacht Owners

Admiral Group opens the doors to an exclusive maritime haven with the Mediterranean Sea's largest private drydock, tailored to accommodate majestic super yachts and mega yachts, each surpassing the 100-meter mark. Our comprehensive suite of services extends beyond mere refitting and maintenance, including a state-of-the-art crew village designed to empower captains and crews with the tools for seamless on-site supervision and service excellence, ensuring each vessel's enduring splendor.
Admiral yachts

Brand Heritage: A Beacon of Elegance

As a distinguished subsidiary of The Italian Sea Group, a paramount figure in the global nautical arena, Admiral Yachts has carved its niche with its timeless, elegant, and prestigious design, setting benchmarks in maritime luxury. The Italian Sea Group's remarkable legacy, spanning back to 1575, has seen the launch of over 1257 yachts, cementing their status as industry pioneers and reinforcing Admiral's reputation as a beacon of maritime excellence.
Admiral yachts

A Timeless Legacy: 50 Years of Excellence

Inaugurating its storied journey in 1966 with the launch of their inaugural wooden 18-meter yacht, Admiral achieved a watershed moment in yachting history, emblematic of 'Made in Italy' luxury. Over the course of five decades, Admiral has meticulously crafted and launched an impressive fleet of 149 super yachts and mega yachts, earning acclaim for their relentless devotion to precision and technical excellence. Today, the Admiral brand stands as an unequivocal symbol of unparalleled style, boundless creativity, and uncompromising top-tier quality, resonating across the global yachting industry.

Admiral Yachts

Explore the Admiral Universe

This compelling collection of images and narratives not only chronicles Admiral's journey but also pays homage to the artistry behind their yachts, super yachts, and mega yachts. These materials not only showcase the unique style, distinctive lines, and signature essence that distinguishes Admiral on a global scale but also provide an immersive voyage through the brand's dedication to innovation and timeless maritime elegance.
Admiral Yachts

Exceptional Shipyard Services

Nestled between the picturesque Apuan Alps and the azure sea, Admiral Group's expansive production facility in Marina di Carrara encompasses roughly 120,000 square meters of prime maritime real estate. With the added advantage of two dry docks, this shipyard offers an all-encompassing suite of refitting services, showcasing a resolute dedication to pioneering excellence and innovation in the art of yacht construction, where the marriage of artistry and engineering unfolds on a grand scale.

Admiral Yachts


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