Tecnomar GIOE I Yacht for sale
GIOE I - 2009 | TECNOMAR 100

PRICE ($2,324,770 USD EST.) €2,200,000 EURO

GIOE I - 2009

Luxurious Accommodations

GIOE I Yacht has 5 well-designed cabins, 3 with Double beds and 2 with Twin beds, for a cozy stay. Each cabin is luxurious, with comfy furniture and lots of space. There are 2 Pullman beds, 1 King bed, 2 Queen beds, and 4 Single beds, so everyone can sleep well, surrounded by the peaceful Greek Islands.

GIOE I - 2009

Unparalleled Outdoor Spaces

Hop on and dive into the luxurious outdoor spots of GIOE I Yacht. The yacht has a big area for sunbathing with comfy fabrics, making it great for lounging in the sun and enjoying the stunning views. The upper deck also has a large sunbathing spot, and a handy platform makes it easy to get into the clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

GIOE I - 2009

Relaxation and Entertainment

Tecnomar GIOE I Yacht for sale, inside is very elegant with a modern design, featuring soft colors and big windows that let in lots of sunlight, making it feel welcoming and open. The big living area is perfect for hosting guests, whether you're having a fancy dinner or a relaxed get-together. Each luxurious bedroom is a cozy, private space where you can relax and recharge, enjoying the beauty of the Greek Islands.

GIOE I - 2009

Explore the Greek Islands

Tecnomar GIOE I Yacht is up for sale. It has a stylish modern design with light colors and large windows that bring in plenty of sunlight, creating a welcoming and spacious atmosphere. The spacious living area is great for entertaining guests, whether you're having a formal dinner or a casual gathering. Each luxurious bedroom offers a comfortable and private retreat to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Greek Islands.

GIOE I - 2009


From basking in the main saloon's comfort to sunbathing on the sunpad or indulging in thrilling water activities, GIOE I offers an all-encompassing luxury experience that will create lasting memories. Your charter with GIOE I is not just a vacation; it's a voyage of a lifetime through the enchanting Greek Isles. With every sunrise and sunset, you'll be immersed in a world of elegance, adventure, and the kind of natural beauty that Greece is famous for, making each moment aboard GIOE I a cherished part of your travel story.

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