BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY COUACH YACHTS A Legacy of Maritime Mastery Founded by Albert Couach in 1897, Couach Yachts stands as a testament to French shipbuilding prowess. Nestled in the picturesque town of Arcachon, France, this esteemed shipyard has been crafting luxury vessels for well over a century. In 1947, Guy Couach, Albert’s grandson, […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CONRAD SHIPYARD Setting Sail with Conrad Shipyard: Crafting Your Dream Yacht Conrad Shipyard, located in the picturesque country of Poland, stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of yacht craftsmanship. With a rich heritage and an unwavering commitment to perfection, Conrad Shipyard has been creating exquisite yachts for […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY COLUMBUS YACHTS Shipyard History: In 1967, the Palumbo Group set sail into the world of commercial shipbuilding and repair. In 2008, it embarked on a new voyage, entering the luxury yacht market with the birth of the Columbus Yachts superyacht brand. Columbus Yachts is now an integral part of the […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CODECASA SHIPYARDS Shipyard History: Established in 1825 by the visionary Giovanni Battista Codecasa, Codecasa Shipyards has remained a family-owned endeavor for an impressive 175 years. The yard’s specialty lies in crafting yachts from aluminium alloy or steel and aluminium alloy, with a remarkable size range of up to 70 meters. […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CANTIERI NAVALI DEL MEDITERRANEO Introducing Cantieri Navali del Mediterraneo: Situated in the cradle of Italian maritime tradition, Cantieri Navali del Mediterraneo (CNM) stands as a testament to Italy’s legacy of craftsmanship and innovation in yacht building. CNM specializes in the creation of sport/open motor yachts and production models, a true […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CNB YACHTS Elevating Sailing Yacht Excellence in France Nestled in the heart of France, CNB Yachts is a distinguished name synonymous with the artistry of sailing yacht craftsmanship. This esteemed shipyard specializes in the creation of exquisite sailing yachts, offering both production models and the opportunity to craft bespoke vessels. […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CMN YACHT DIVISION A Legacy of Innovation: Few shipyards can boast a history as unique and storied as CMN Yachts. The company’s origins trace back to 1912 when Felix Aminot pioneered groundbreaking aeronautical designs. From these aeronautical roots, CMN transitioned into commercial and military shipbuilding before finally setting its course […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CMB YACHTS Crafting Exquisite Motor Yachts in Turkey Nestled in the maritime heart of Turkey, CMB YACHTS stands as a distinguished yacht builder with a reputation for excellence. This Turkish gem specializes in the creation of motor yachts and semi-custom vessels, offering a range of sizes from 34 meters (112 […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CLAASEN SHIPYARDS A Dutch Legacy of Nautical Excellence Crafting Dreams in The Netherlands – Hailing from the maritime heartland of The Netherlands, Claasen Shipyards is synonymous with nautical excellence. Specializing in sailing yachts and full-custom creations, they epitomize the Dutch tradition of masterful shipbuilding. Navigating with Grace – The hallmark […]

BROKERAGE HIGH TECH & READY CL YACHTS Elevating Yachting from the Heart of China A Vision from China– Hailing from the dynamic landscape of China, CL Yachts has emerged as a rising star in the world of yacht craftsmanship. With a focus on motor yachts and production models, they blend Chinese innovation with global design […]