Flagship Brand of The Italian Sea Group



Setting Sail for Excellence

Innovation, enterprising spirit, and a wellspring of inspiration - this defines Perini Navi, a true trailblazer in the world of large modern sailing yachts for over three and a half decades. With an impressive track record, Perini Navi has left an indelible mark on the maritime industry, shaping the dreams of entire generations. But their journey took a new turn in January 2022 when they became a proud member of The Italian Sea Group, an organization founded by Giovanni Costantino and a global heavyweight in motor yacht construction.
Perini Navi

The Power of Partnership

Under The Italian Sea Group's umbrella, Perini Navi finds itself reinvigorated and fully dedicated to the realm of sailing. Specializing in the design and crafting of large sailing yachts, Perini Navi's portfolio is nothing short of astounding. With nearly 60 magnificent yachts delivered, they have clinched the mantle of world leadership in sailing yachts spanning over 50 meters. This synergy within The Italian Sea Group has breathed new life into Perini Navi, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the sailing yacht industry.
Perini Navi

A Visionary's Odyssey

The roots of this maritime giant can be traced back to Viareggio in 1983 when Fabio Perini unveiled a prototype sailing yacht, a vessel that offered spacious living quarters and could be expertly navigated with a reduced crew. This audacious vision sprouted into what is now the most successful fleet of large bluewater cruisers globally. The legacy continued as Perini Navi acquired the legendary Picchiotti shipyard, a pioneering builder of luxury motor vessels. Their journey is a testament to Fabio Perini's foresight, who not only dreamt big but also transformed those dreams into realities.
Perini Navi

Innovating the Sailing World

While the Lamborghini yacht is not the fastest vessel on the sea, it exudes luxury and leisure from every angle. Its dynamic, aerodynamic design cuts through the water with effortless grace. Constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, the yacht is engineered for superior performance and efficient hydrodynamics. This blend of design and technology ensures that the yacht glides smoothly above the water, even boasting adjustable flaps for trim optimization.

Perini Navi

The Future Unfurled

With a heritage steeped in innovation, a new chapter awaits Perini Navi. Guided by the legacy of their founder and the strength of The Italian Sea Group, they are poised to continue inspiring and leading the sailing world. As they embark on this exciting journey, Perini Navi remains an enduring symbol of the power of innovation, enterprise, and the lasting influence of visionaries in the maritime world.
Perini navi

Fabio Perini: The Nautical Innovator

In the early 1980s, Fabio Perini, an Italian innovator with a passion for sailing and mechanical engineering, founded Perini Navi with a clear mission: to create large sailing yachts manageable by a small crew. His visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled Perini Navi to global prestige. Today, Perini Navi yachts continue to inspire dreams with their elegant design, cutting-edge technology, and distinctive Italian style, a testament to Fabio Perini's enduring legacy in the sailing world.